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Understanding data is the key to the business of the future

Nowadays we are already used to online shopping big players seem to understand us better than even our best friends.
But how do they do that magic? They have created ways to gather data from us and to learn from that data, who we are, what our preferences are. And they have created models to predict future requests and behaviour.
We at Genie Enterprise Inc move that knowledge about data driven and algorithm based business models from big players to SMEs and startups.
We are a startup ourselves and are implementing our own first product. You will see more about that product very soon.
We have grown up in Germany, to be exact in Rheinland-Pfalz, which is famous for its wine. So it is no surprise that our fist product focusses on the wine industry.



Regina is the founder of the company. She has been working as sales and marketing manager and is also certified WSET level 2.


Thomas has been working as software architect and project Manager for more than 20 years. He creates all the technological solutions in the background.

Jean-Paul Okada

Jean-Paul has been working as marketing and sales manager for large international companies. He is also certified master of sake and WSET-3 heading for WSET-4.

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